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Senator John McCain calls the Dodgers 'spoiled brats' after pool celebration

The Los Angeles Dodgerscelebratory dip in the Arizona Diamondbacks' pool after clinching the NL West on Thursday isn't just the talk of the baseball world. It's got even one of the country's most famous politicians fuming.

John McCain — the Arizona senator and 2008 presidential candidate — blasted the Dodgers on Friday via Twitter, saying much the same thing that many Diamondbacks fans were saying Thursday. Although, "spoiled brats" is particularly delicious.

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If you missed the hubbub, the Diamondbacks had asked the Dodgers not to celebrate on their field, should they clinch the NL West during their trip to Chase Field. Technically, the Dodgers obliged. Instead, the retreated to their clubhouse before a pack of them dashed out to the outfield pool and did cannonballs like Little Leaguers.

People were mad in Arizona, as you'd expect. Especially given the not-so-jolly relationship the two teams have. L.A. got ripped in the Arizona Republic by columnist Dan Bickley under the straight-to-the-point headline, "The Dodgers are idiots." But getting condemned by a U.S. Senator is a whole 'nother level.

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